What is PolyTrack?

PolyTrack is a maintenance tool for train/tram operators, using bogie-mounted sensor technology aboard passenger vehicles to analyse track health. This technology is currently in use on West Midlands Metro trams.

Sensors to Measure Vibration, Shift, and Yaw


PolyChord analyses sensor data to supply maintenance crews with actionable information on the health of the track, enabling targeted maintenance strategies which reduce down-time of service and overall maintenance costs. Using cutting-edge data science, PolyTrack creates an app of likely areas of damage or increased risk, which can be accessed by maintenance crews on a regular smartphone. This enables targeted maintenance, replacing laborious and hazardous manual checking of the full track and the potentially detrimental 'blanket' maintenance with tamping machines.


PolyTrack Computing Accelerometer Outiers

Filtering Out The Noise

Bogie-mounted sensors collect useful, but messy data. PolyChord explores the data landscape to make judgements about the surface and texture of the rail infrastructure. These judgements are then compared against the “real-world” physical geometry of the rail. Using time-series data mapping, PolyChord computes this data to make judgements about where similar faults will occur in the future.

Real-Time Maintenance

Using 5G technology from Comera and British Telecom, the aim of this project is to give near real-time information on the health of the track, reducing downtime of service, use of expensive equipment, and the manual intervention necessary in more traditional track maintenance methods.

We are currently seeking a commercial partner in the rail industry, to adjust PolyTrack to be suitable for use on traintracks as well as trams. To learn more, head to our contact us page and shoot us a message for more details.