Making Sense of Sensors

Don’t just gather data. Get intelligence.

Applications in Action

PolyChord Algorithm Parsing Himmelblau Function

Why PolyChord?

PolyChord Ltd brings together true academic excellence in data science with commercial expertise to help you optimise your use of sensors. Unlike other data-science companies, we have genuinely unique tools to enhance the placement of sensors in a network and extract useful information from noisy data sets.


In Total Funding from Grants and Investments

30+ Years

Years of Hands-On Experience in Data Science

3x Growth

Of our Data Science Team in the Past Year


Of our Data Scientists are Postdoctoral Research Physicists


Dependable Data Even if Noisy or Incomplete

Data collection is often the most resource-intensive part of the process of engaging with machine learning. PolyChord can handle “dirty” or even incomplete data sets without any lengthy preparation periods, allowing you to leverage the value of your existing datasets.


Quantitative, Reliable Computations

PolyChord gives you concrete percentages stating “how good” the solution it has created is. These calculations are done simultaneously with the solutions, and are vital in many applications where safety regulations are paramount. In Machine Learning or Neural Networks, you never have any certainty how good those answers are. This is a key strength for PolyChord.


Maximally informative

Unlike other sampling tools, PolyChord does not require tuning. PolyChord effectively maps the entire “data landscape” in a single run, as opposed to doing many short, random, and incomplete explorations of the landscape (like other tools). This makes it more a comprehensive, concrete sampling of a data landscape.