3 Ted Talks that Prove You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of AI

How AI Can Enhance Our Memory, Work, and Social Lives. Tom Gruber.

Tom Gruber, cofounder and head designer of the company that created Siri, discusses the incredible possibilities AI presents. He discusses how great the benefits could be for humanity if AI continues to advance. How it could help the disabled, the mentally incapacitated, and the sick. You will walk away from this video feeling so much better about the possibilities of the future.

How AI Could Compose a Personalized Soundtrack to Your Life. Pierre Barreau.

Pierre Barreau, young entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of AIVA, explains and demonstrates how his company is combining AI and music. Watch as Barreau explains how AI can enhance human creativity and plays the beautiful music technology has created.

How AI Can Save Our Humanity. Kai-Fu Lee.

Kai-Fu Lee, PhD, previous head of Apple R&D, and now technology executive. Lee addresses some of the fears people have of AI and how AI can actually help humanity in the long run.

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