EUREKA! A chance to meet with Global Innovators in A.I and Quantum Technology

Two weeks ago, we had the chance to speak and present to a range of potential commercial partners at the EUREKA Global Innovation Summit on A.I and Quantum Technology in Manchester – right up our street. Armed with a wealth of information about our innovative PolyNet tool, we later met with a Canadian quantum technology company who might be interested in working with us on parameter optimisation and we are now exploring a collaboration. We also looked into a project with another company from Korea to compute the best outcomes for sepsis treatment, possibly through the development of new medical devices – the WHO estimates that Sepsis affects more than 30 million people worldwide each year, so it’s a big problem. However, we’re unsure whether the extensive data needed for our analysis is currently available to our potential partner – we will hold on to that idea and see where it goes.

Through video conferences since the summit, we have also connected with an exciting new commercial partner to examine how PolyChord could be used in the optimisation of warehouse logistics. We expect PolyChord will be able to innovate this area significantly, given our previous experience in a short project with a leading supermarket, as Predictive Analytics can prove crucial in recommending replenishing inventory and increasing efficiency. Overall, the conference proved informative and enriching for us – brimming with movers and shakers in the world of A.I. We are very grateful to Enterprise Europe, Innovate UK and the fantastic EUREKA project – global collaboration is going to prove crucial in the technological advances of the future.

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