5 AI Podcasts for AI Newcomers

AI is becoming heavily integrated into everyday society, however, learning about AI can initially be difficult or confusing. Here are some helpful podcasts that you don’t need a PhD to listen to:

Linear Digressions

Hosted By: Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe

Why We Recommend It: This Podcast is extremely listener-friendly. Episodes average about 20 minutes a-piece and make advanced concepts easy to understand.

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Talking Machines

Hosted By: Neil Lawrence and Katherine Gorman

Why We Recommend It: This Podcast’s episode lengths vary and is still understandable for those not well-versed in the AI language. Talking Machines also features interviews with AI professionals, and takes questions from their viewers.

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Eye On A.I.

Hosted By: Craig S. Smith

Why We Recommend It: Episodes are on average between 20-30 minutes and feature interviews with fascinating AI innovators. These interviews help listeners to understand how AI advancements affect the world on a global scale.

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This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Hosted By: Sam Charrington

Why We Recommend It: While this Podcast’s episodes average about 50 minutes, it provides frequent updates on the newest innovations of the AI field. TWiML&AI also features exclusive and thought-provoking interviews with experts in the AI and Machine Learning community.

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Data Skeptic

Hosted By: Kyle Polich (mini-episodes are hosted by Linh Da Tran)

Why We Recommend It: This Podcast’s episodes range from about 20-45 minutes. Data Skeptic covers basic AI and Data Science concepts and how they relate to the world. Polich starts out with basic explanations and goes more in-depth as the Podcast continues.

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Those are just a few of our favorite podcasts about machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence. If you have a favorite AI podcast not featured on this list let us know!

*Disclaimer: None of the above podcasts are affiliated with PolyChord and the views expressed by the hosts and guests are entirely their own*

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